The AccuTest feature offers a raft of qualities that make it one of the best plagiarism checkers in the market. The system provides security such that your work won’t be swallowed and used elsewhere.

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Requirement Gathering & Analysis. From the get-go we sort to create an interactive software that has convenient and fast streaming capabilities. We took into account the full needs of an e-learning software tool for educators.

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Our system comes with proper product descriptions and easy-to-follow instructions. One of the critical functions is reporting. For an e-learning tool, its reporting features are diverse and varied.

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Our e-learning software for educators, ExamenDisk is a Dutch-based e-learning site structured to provide teachers with the best tools to use in enhancing their online teaching environments. The integration of educational technology into online teaching has created lots of opportunities as well as a few significant challenges. 

As a generation of tech-savvy educators increases in the workforce, the need for e-tools for educators has increased commensurately. It is this drive to see more educators equipped with faster, more efficient and accurate tools that led us to invent this software. Here are some of the serious advantages that our e-learning tools provide to your team of teachers and educators.

  1. Test-Taking. This ExamenDisk software acts as professional web-based test-taking service in a customizable, easy-to-use method. Its features allow the teacher to access educational and training assessments with quizzes and test that are graded instantly. This move significantly reduces the amount of paperwork. Most importantly the tool allows you to generate complex graphs, charts and diagrams.

Through the software, you can create fill-in-the-blank, multiple choice, short answer, matching and true/false questions quickly. You are also able to divide the quizzes into multiple sections and insert instructions into the tests. It’s designed to be customizable, interactive, simple and sufficiently detailed for generating tests and test-taking functions.

  1. Reviews. The online learning environment can be quite tricky to assess. That’s because unlike the brick-and-mortar kind of schooling, the metrics are much more fluid. Our developers set out to create this software system with a view of equipping you as a teacher with the metrics and the attendant tools that will help you to effectively assess the progress of your students. The e-tool helps you gauge parameters like presentation markers, productivity boosters, reading enhancers, student-to-teacher ratio, overall student performance, class interactivity, the scope of coursework and student participation. Given its ease of customization, it’s possible for you to input a few more metrics that are unique to your type of online teaching.

III. Video Lessons & Live Streams.  As a tutor, teacher or educator in an online environment your primary mode of communication will be through text content. Increasingly you’ll need audio and video content as well as live streaming. That is why ExamenDisk software is fitted with the modules required to promote video hosting and live streaming. You are therefore free to pre-record then stream it, or you can also stream your classes live. This significantly lowers the cost and hassle of accessing your content since your students don’t have to download large video files from the site or portals. The video hosting service is easy to configure on this e-learning platform and allows for distribution of your multimedia teaching content. This e-learning platform came together by the help of our sponsor. If you want to know more about our tier 1 contributor then be sure to check out our new course we introduced.

  1. Timing & e-Chalkboard. The app allows you as an educator to launch exams on the platform. You are able to set a countdown timer on the top bar, sidebar or footer which enables students to know how much time is left on their tests. The student’s level of compliance to the set time helps you gauge the suitability of assigned time for each exam. Besides the timer, you have an e-chalkboard format embedded into the software system. As an educator, you simply walk up to the display and immediately share your notes from a connected device. You are able to do this by taping the board NFC tag or by scanning the QR code at the bottom of your dry erase board.

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