The ExamenDisk is not an educational site. It is also not a web hosting platform for the software. As a firm, we are seeking to sell licenses for the software to users in the market. That’s because we strive to give you as much proprietary power over the functionality and customization as possible. It also makes it easier for you to run it since you are free to get a host that you prefer. We have a clearly outlined license agreement that stipulates the kind of support we provide, the scope of liability, warranty, and intellectual property rights.

Closed Beta. The software as a feature is complete. However, we are still handling known and unknown bugs that require fixing. That’s why we encourage you to sign up a part of the closed beta. Being a part of our beta testing team means you’ll be able to create and review the usability and make critical recommendations. We are looking to provide discounts and other incentives to those who’ll be part of our beta testing team. This closed beta is an opportunity for you to suggest additional features that will enhance the performance of the software, especially on streaming and interactivity.