ExamenDisk’s Widgets

  1. AccuTest. The AccuTest feature offers a raft of qualities that make it one of the best plagiarism checkers in the market. The system provides security such that your work won’t be swallowed and used elsewhere. Secondly, it’s able to check against multiple sources including the web, private and public repositories. Thirdly, it can handle multiple file formats. Fourthly it offers a comprehensive plagiarism report detailing the percentage of plagiarism and the sources of the texts. Besides being comprehensive, the software also provides smart plagiarism check including citation and reference detections. It has features that allow you to share the originality check report.
  1. VideoRight. Our team of developers ensured that the software has efficient video sharing features. It can host both professional as well as amateur teaching videos for your students. This, in turn, equips your students with a platform with which they can view, upload, browse or download videos. They can also sort the videos using categories, tags, or topics. As a teacher, you have a lot of leverage in the type, quality and length of videos that you can upload on the platform for your students. You can have the video file in Avi, WMV, mpg and mov. You can also add a photo album in PNG, JPG, or BMP formats as an addition to your topical video.

III. ReviewSoft. Static text and notes tend to be boring. There is only so much you can do to make it exciting. However, there are interactive tools that can create multimedia dimensions to your content and make it engaging for your students. The software platform allows you to use videos and music to enhance content and also input further explanations. You are also able to add hyperlinks to other sites and videos of topics related to the subject for your students. Interestingly, this feature enables you to generate slideshows and gifs. You can rely on its sound clips, bookmarks, hyperlinks, page transitions and buttons to enhance the interactivity of your teaching notes.

  1. StreamFast. One of the exciting aspects of this e-learning software is that it offers you a powerful encoding software that makes it easy to stream the videos. The software serves the dual purpose of web hosting as well as streaming videos from a camcorder, webcam or mobile device through the net to your students. Through it they can access pre-recorded videos that are embedded in your blog or articles. The platform ensures that you have access to your students through the necessary video and broadcast features in the software. Beyond that, it also allows you to share videos for streaming through social sharing sites like Twitter, and Facebook.
  1. ExamClock. When it comes to administering online exams to your students, a proper timer is very critical to ensure accuracy and efficiency. Through this widgets you are able to store the time duration of the quiz in the quiz XML file. From there it is retrievable during the exam after which it’s saved at the user’s session as an attribute. Once the student clicks on the exam, the countdown begins. The embedded timer is visible, yet subtle enough not to be distracting to the student. The timer can flash a ‘Time Up’ alert box, or it can continue till the student clicks off when through with the exam, depending on your preferred settings.
  1. E-Chalk. This software is fitted with an e-chalkboard feature which is revolutionary in the way it enhances your interaction with students. The feature is multi-device, multi-way, collaborative, and offers real-time engagement between you and your students. The feature is a connected whiteboard linked to the app on your phone or tablet through the QR code. Once the feature is synced with your phone, you can type on the board, and the same content appears on your student’s connected devices. You can even solve problems in real time while your students track it. The lesson can then be saved in PDF or Jpeg formats for future use.