How To Use Our Tools

Reporting. Our system comes with proper product descriptions and easy-to-follow instructions. One of the critical functions is reporting. For an e-learning tool, its reporting features are diverse and varied. They provide feedback like course completion, exam timing, assessment modules, etc. This makes it very easy to track student progress, course coverage, exams administration as well as tailored reports depending on your specific needs. The inbuilt features collect, curate, present and deliver reports to all the stakeholders in the system as well as highlight errors and inefficiencies.

Customizable Widgets. The widgets on the software are easy to tweak or edit to fit your visual or aesthetic preferences. There is a widget option on the menu bar that allows you to generate your widgets. The ability to customize widgets gives you such incredible power on the look and feel of your Home screen. In the end, you are able to match the icons, the wallpaper, and even the widgets on your home screen. The software is designed to give you unlimited functionality in how you can tweak the color, size, and functionality of the widgets.

Create Your Own Tools. If you are a teacher who is proficient in C++ or any other programming software, you can set up and design your own widgets. You can either create an image widget or a text widget to display in the footer or sidebar of the platform display. After that, you can link the widget to the features or services that it represents. First, come up with a widget layout. Secondly Extend AppWidgetProvider. Thirdly, provide the AppWidgetProviderInfo metadata. Lastly, add the widget into your app manifest and it becomes functional.