New course available

With the arrival of the internet a lot of new job opportunities have emerged. Some of them are already integrated in the educational system, with appropriate courses and workshops. Other areas of expertise, SEO for online casinos for example, have not been integrated yet. Which makes sense, the industry is in constant development and it is difficult to create a course that teaches students to always be ahead. Still, we have given this a try. For the industries that rely on this new type of online marketing. One of these industries is iGaming, or better yet, online casinos. Since it is one of the few tools for this industry to promote gratis gokkasten, or free slot machines.

A lot of searches

As online gambling becomes more and more popular, the search for gratis gokkasten or free slot machines is only increasing. Everybody wants meer informative over gratis gokkasten, more information on free slot machines and online casinos. But it is not allowed to advertise for either online casinos or slot machines in Dutch. This leads to SEO being an important, if not the biggest part of the online casinos’ marketing strategy. And with that comes the need for qualified staff, which is hard to find in these new areas. The options that an online casino has are either training the personnel on the job or offering courses. We try to help online casinos with the latter.

About online casinos

When taking this new course, a lot of the material is about the iGaming industry as that is the focus. So you first need to learn about the games, among which the different types of slot machines. The thought is to market gratis gokkasten or free slot machines and make the search for it easier. Not only from a client perspective, but also from the casinos’ perspective. In the end the goal is to get your clients’ or employers gratis gokkasten or free slot machines in the list of best options. Another big part of it is content. After all, you cannot provide meer informative over gratis gokkasten or more information on free slot machines without offering information to begin with.

Writing casino content

One of the modules is about writing casino content. This doesn’t just have to be appealing, about slot machines and grammatically correct, but also needs to adhere to certain rules. These are mostly about the use of keywords. If the main topic is gratis gokkasten or free slot machines, for example, you need to use this word a couple of times in the text. As online casinos operate in a very competitive world, it might be worth using more difficult keywords. Every player on the market tries to target online casino, but it might be easier to get results if you aim for best online casino for bonuses or free slot machines by NetEnt.


Are you active in the world of online gambling or looking to get a job in an online casino? Then this course might be right for you. Even though we only work B2B, you can let your educational institution know about this course and who knows, you might learn all about online casinos soon. This might even lead to you being an expert on gratis gokkasten or free slot machines if you play your cards right. And that will make you an important asset to any online casino. Maybe even as a teacher. Because there’ll be a bigger demand for this profession as well.